Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Win for Kentucky Workers!

I believe that when a lawyer takes a case, he should be willing to take it all the way. Sometimes that means all the way to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

We were hired by a nice lady who was injured at the American Greetings factory. She tried to get lost wage and medical benefits, but American Greetings and their workers compensation insurance carrier refused to pay her one dime. They claimed that the injury did not "arise out of her employment".

We argued that the insurance company should be ordered to pay what they owe. Unfortunately, the original judge on the case sided with the insurance company, and dismissed our lady's case. We thought that was totally wrong, so we appealed to the Kentucky Workers Compensation Board, and we won.

But the insurance company still refused to pay! Their lawyer appealed to the Kentucky Court of Appeals, so we had to keep on fighting, and we won. But the insurance company lawyer appealed again! This time to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

We kept on fighting for our client, and we won.

If you read the opinion, it will show you just how hard insurance companies are willing to fight in order to NOT PAY BENEFITS to injured workers. Get on the internet and check out:


At the Frank Jenkins Law Office, we take pride in how hard we fight for our clients. If you hire us to handle a workers comp case, or any other type of injury case, we will fight for you as hard as we can!

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